Gomoa Nyanyano Needs Senior High School

 The Ankobeahene of Gomoa Nyanyano, Nana Ayi-Quaye I, has called on the Government to build a Senior High School (SHS), for Gomoa Nyanyano whose youth had to travel several kilometres from home to acquire secondary school education.

Nana Ayi- Quaye made the appeal in an interview with the Media at Gomoa Nyanyano yesterday.

He continued that the town was in need of so many social amenities and so the Chiefs and people have resorted to Community funds mobilisation to embark on projects on their own.

Nana Ayi-Quaye mentioned some of the projects that they had done without government’s intervention as hospital which is under construction, police station, among others.

He continued that it was refreshing however, that government gave their major road from Nyanyano to Kasoa on contract.

Nana Ayi- Quaye also pleaded with the Government to impress upon the contractor of the road who has for some time now stop work on the road to return and complete the project.

He noted that the Chief of Nyanyano led by him recently, went to the office of the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to plead with him to ensure that their roads were constructed.

Nana Ayi-Quaye continued that they had assurance from the Veep that the road project would be completed as early as possible.

According to the recent Census, he said Nyanyano has a population of over 300,000 making it about the 23rd biggest district in the country, adding that it was only proper that they had their fair share of the National cake.

Touching on Sanitation, Nana Ayi-Quaye stated that, whenever it rained, rubbish such as empty plastic bottles and empty sachet bags were wished from different places into their lagoon, beaches and the community in general which was expensive to collect.

He alleged that another challenge that they went through was lack of regular flow of taps of the Ghana Water Company Limited, but at the end of the month huge water Bills were presented to them for payment.

According to Nana Ayi-Quaye it was  better for the Government to provide their major needs that had been pointed out than to wait until the 2024 General Elections before the projects were embarked on, stressing that, “if that is done for votes it will backfire.”

 Adding “He if government provides them with their needs now, definitely, we will show appreciation.”


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