Ghanaians urged to renew commitment to national development

The immediate Past President of The Apostolic Church-Ghana, Apostle Peter Okoe Mankralo, has urged Ghanaians to renew their commitment to national development in the spirit of selflessness and togetherness.

He has also called on Ghanaians to love one another, be peaceful and sacrifice to make Ghana a better place for all.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra, Apostle Mankralo noted that the country cannot afford to waste human and material resources on unproductive issues and tendencies which retard progress.

According to him, “life will be meaningless if we cannot forgive, eschew selfishness, greed, hatred and lead exemplary lives for others to emulate”.

The retired Apostle advised the youth to abstain from social vices and deviant behaviours including pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, smoking and drunkenness.

“The youth must live in harmony with Christ to consciously choose companions who will help them in doing right and shun society that gives no aid in the development of right principles and noble purposes”, he pointed out.

Apostle Mankralo emphasised that “Integrity, firmness and perseverance are qualities that all should seek earnestly to cultivate; for they clothe the possessor with a power which is irresistible — a power which makes one strong to do good, strong to resist evil, and strong to bear adversity”.

To him, the older generation must endeavour daily to nurture the youth or children in the Lord, and to seek God to lead the nation on the paths of peace and prosperity.

He urged Christians to restore the high sense of discipline and moral of children and in the country.

He attributed the current challenges confronting the country to the growing immorality and lack of discipline among the citizenry, and therefore, challenged Christians to stand up and restore discipline.

“There is hope for Ghana. There are better times ahead. Despite the misfortunes in the previous years, all indications point out to the fact that the country would definitely come out in the near future from its present economic hardships and social deprivations”, he stated.

He stressed the need for all to show total commitment towards helping the nation to fulfil her dream of “Ghana Beyond Aid”, so that the country becomes the “Miracle Of Africa”.

“There are really elements that divide us, problems that can lead to uncertainties, but if we can forgive one another and accommodate the present democratic atmosphere with that of hard work, Ghana shall experience an economic boom now and beyond”, he noted.

Apostle Mankralo prayed for the overflowing of God’s blessings and total grace for the Government and people of Ghana.


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