Ghana Theatre Festival September 23-29….remembers Prof. Atukwei Okai

The 2019 edition of Ghana Theatre Festival would come off at the National Theatre in Accra from September 23-29.

The main objective for this year’s event is to offer an opportunity to groups to exhibit their works, build their capacity in theatre productions and provide quality performances to patrons throughout the festival week.

It would be held on the theme: ‘Nurturing and growing artistic voices’.

A special remembrance night would be held in honour of the late Professor of poetry and former General Secretary of the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) Nii Atukwei Okai.

The week-long event would be characterised by live paintings, workshops, exhibitions, fairs as well as performances in dance, drama, poetry, comedy, music (live band) and film shows.

There will be intriguing performances and artistic displays from production houses such as   Ehalakasa (poetry); the National Drama Company, National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, Dance Department of the University of Ghana; FC Productions; Village Minds; 2Idiots;  Yep Productions; Ghana Association of Visual Artists; VASEP; Wear Ghana.

The Ghana Theatre Festival, initiated in 2014, has grown over the years and has undergone several changes to suit the taste of its yearning audience who want to see a variety performances and artistic displays during the festival.

Theatre programmes for schools have been included in this year’s festival to educate students in both JHS and SHS on their drama books with the performance of the set plays by an accomplished and experienced group.

Some performances would be ‘Oliver Twist’ for Basic schools, ‘Ananse in the land of Idiots’, ‘Man Talk Woman Talk’, ‘Fowls for sale’, ‘Laughline’ among others.

Other side attractions would include food Bazaar and a made in Ghana fair to showcase authentic artefacts and other made in Ghana products.

Theatre Festival is a special event of the National Theatre which takes place annually in every September, and involves its prestigious resident performing groups, other professional and amateur groups.

The annual event is also part of the 26th anniversary of the National Theatre expected to thrill audience with the best of the nation’s culture.

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