Fast growing population after 2020 census report

Ghanaians have greeted with mixed reactions the provisional results of the 2021 population and Housing census and called on Government to ensure the implementation of policies that would address the pressing needs of Ghanaians as the result of the fast growing population.

They expressed concern about the growing population of the country and the increasing rate of unemployment.

According them, despite increment in the number of people, poverty among the citizenry had not reduced while the housing deficit keeps getting worst by the day.

Mr Desmond Adjei, a pupil teacher told the Ghanaian Times that he was not surprised at the number of people currently living in the country due to how bad living conditions were in the country.

“I am not surprise at the figure because of the high rate of unemployment in Ghana at the moment. Everywhere seems already occupied and people are already getting frustrated about the situation.

“It is good the figure is out now so we are hoping government does not just stop at recording the figure but also take steps to ensure the situation does not cause more problems,” he added.

Abena Eshun, a trader at Mallam market stated that she was unaware of the release of the provisional results of the census but was unperturbed about it saying no matter the situation, she found herself, she would continue to manage to survive and take care of her four children.

Another trader, Albert Koomson, was of the view that if the numbers kept increasing by the day, then government must begin to prioritise the welfare of the citizenry and ensure basic needs were provided.

According to Madam Christiana Ntiamoah, a housewife in Kasoa Galilea, the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) must also increase patrols and their security systems at the various borders to ensure foreigners do not enter the country on their blind side.

She accused wealthy foreigners for the exorbitant rent by landlords in some parts of the country, leaving the ordinary Ghanaian with no hope of affording decent accommodation.

A police officer told the paper that he was saddened by the fact that the growth rate of the country had declined, people were still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

A homeless man under the bridge of the Kasoa old market, said he abode there over a year now because he could not afford the rent advance being requested by his landlord.

He mentioned that at the moment, he survived by carrying goods for people in the market and planned on saving enough money by the end of the year to travel back to his village in the northern region and start a small business.

“Government must put things in place to create more jobs for the youth because with the increase in the population, people are going to struggle before they survive and there would be the likelihood of social vices as we have been experiencing recently, Emmanuel Laryeh,” a sales engineer said.

“A Sales Representative at Enterprise Life Insurance, Maxwell Ofori said, I think government should provide incentives to private sectors to create jobs to release the country from this economic hardship.”


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