Electrochem embarks on massive environmental conservation project at Songor

The Electrochem Ghana has started an active campaign to protect the environment through tree planting.

Already, on Green Ghana Day, the company planted over 400 of mangrove trees as a continuation of the company’s resolve to conserve the environment.

The Chairman of Electrochem, Dr Daniel McKorley, who planted the first mangrove and led the exercise, reiterated at the weekend here that, the company was commitment to protecting Songor, which is considered a UNESCO Ramsar Site and Biosphere Reserve.

Electrochem team posing with a sea turtle

The company, which is part of the McDan Group of companies, noted the immense benefits of mangroves within the ecosystem, which includes serving as a habitat for several bird species (including migrating birds), improving water quality and preventing soil erosion.

So far, several mangroves have been planted by the company, and management has indicated that, it is aiming at planting over 2000 mangroves.

Dr McKorley said the company was planning to create a turtle hatchery at their intake point at Lolonya, where sea turtles could lay eggs and be redirected back into the sea to ensure that the sea turtles did not go extinct.

In addition, he said, a number of Corporate Social Responsibility projects had been undertaken since its inception which includes, the creation of community pans, and jobs and improvement of the livelihood of the citizens of Ada state.

The Forestry Commission (Wildlife Division) representative present, Mr Ernest Appenkwa, said that it was the duty of the Wildlife Division to protect the environment and that was why they were supporting Electrochem to plant the mangroves.

He also talked extensively about the critical role mangroves play within the ecosystem and indicated that, the Forestry Commission was going to deepen its relationship with Electrochem to ensure that the environment was conserved.

Naana Adiki Manyeyo Adi I, a queen mother,speaking on behalf of the people of Ada, thanked Electrochem and Dr Daniel McKorley for their love for the Ada state and their plans to protect the sea turtle. She expressed her resolve to ensure that Electrochem contributed positively to the Ada state and fulfil all promises to the community

By Times Reporter

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