Election of Joe Biden won’t affect Ghana-US relations

The change of United States (US) President from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, may not significantly change the country’s foreign policy or relations with Ghana, an international affairs expert, Dr Vladimir Antwi -Danso has said.

According to him, this is because the West African country is not a substantial player in the world to merit the total positive change being anticipated by some Ghanaians.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times on Saturday, following projections that Mr Biden had won the election, he said, at best Joe Biden would only bring a more diplomatic approach but the US interest would reign in all matters.

“Foreign policy outside America will not change substantially. Ghana is not a substantial player in the world so the foreign policy will be the same, it would be for self-interest. And they will follow that interest first.”

“It is the style (that will change). If Trump says Africa is a shithole, I don’t think Biden will do that. He will be more diplomatic and respectful, as he is the oldest person to be ever elected,” he said.

The projection by CNN and BCC that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, a former Vice President, has defeated President  Donald Trump, in Tuesday’s election is based on his victory at the key battleground of Pennsylvania.

This has propelled him over the 270 Electoral College vote threshold required to clinch the White House, and he becomes the 46th US President.

Some Ghanaians have since gone on social media to express excitement about the change in government in anticipation of some positive impact on the Ghana- US relations.

However, Dr Antwi-Danso, who is the Dean of Academic Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College has admonished Ghanaians to be measured in their expectations.

He said just like Barrack Obama’s Presidency did not bring huge financial benefit for Africa as anticipated by many Africans, the Vice President-elect Ms Harris’ background as a black woman would not make much difference.

 “Her blackness is good but it will not translate into softness on Africa. Do not think that she will change her allegiance from America to Africa? It will not happen”, the international experts said.

According to Dr Antwi-Danso, Africa was the arena for geopolitics because of its resources and regardless of any collaboration, US would continue to protect its interest.

For Africa to positively influence global change and get due recognition, he advised the continent to boost manufacturing to increase the continent’s representation in the global chain.

On migration, he said, he was not expecting the President-elect to relax laws because migration had become problematic and aiding terrorism but unlike Trump, Biden would not build a wall and separate children from their parents.

As to whether the outcome of the US elections would be replicated in Ghana, Dr Antwi-Danso said “coincidences are not scientific. Anytime it rains the ground is wet, it does not mean when the ground is wet it just rained.


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