National Cadet Corp honours NTC

The New Times Corporation (NTC)’s Editorial Department on Wednesday received a Certificate of Appreciation from the National Cadet Corps Ghana for its active participation in the 62nd Republic Day Commemoration Parade and other events over the years.

The Certificate of Appreciation was signed by the National Cadet Coordinator, Mr Nicholas Amarteyfio, and the Chairperson-Planning Committee of the office of the President, Jubilee House, Mrs Juliana Kplorfia.

Handing over the certificate, Mr Nicholas Amarteyfio said it was time people saw the significance of appreciating others for their voluntary works.

According to him, many people did not believe in the concept of voluntarism because of lack of appreciation, hence pulling us back and not moving forward.

“The media play key role in these voluntary works, very often when they go out on assignments people perceive it’s all about money but I don’t believe so, it’s about the passion for the work because they mostly do not get the moneys we perceive,” he said.

This and others have been the reasons for showing our profound appreciation to the Corporation.

“We appreciate all the spaces we get in your newspapers, highlighting what we do for the world to know is important, we all learn how to say thank you not just with the use of money but little gifts are also worth it as they can last longer for more generations to see,” he said.

Mr Amarteyfio in answering to payments made before stories got published said that was wrong and he did not believe in that.

“I have not paid and never paid money to the corporation but our stories are always published, once what you have is the truth and is a good story to be told, it is published,” he explained.

 “All you need to do is to send out the invitation to the corporation and speak to the editors, they would send their reporters to cover the programme.”

The News Editor of the Corporation, Mr Matthew Ayoo, receiving the Certificate of Appreciation, expressed his gratitude to Mr Amarteyfio and his team for the honour done the Corporation.


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