‘Efu Ponko’ to be premiered August 25-26

A stage play to highlight current menace facing the country is scheduled to come off at the National Theatre on August 25 and 26.

Titled ‘Efu Ponko’, the play is a folk story based on the music composed by the late Bob Cole titled, “Edwen d3 ere ye me”.

It is being organised by the National Dance Company, National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Drama Company in collaboration with the Ghana Concert Party.

The performance is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Cultural and Creative Arts.

According to a press release announcing the stage play, the story relates to occurrences in real social life situation facing Ghana including illegal mining, poor sanitation, ethnic conflicts, teenage pregnancy and school dropouts.

It also focuses on highlighting and addressing oth­er issues such as rural and urban migration, stow­away through cargo ships bound to other countries, coupled with other problems would be sequentially choreographed artistically in the performance.

The production will be presented through artistic movements, with a blend of percussive dance styles, dramatic sketches with narration incorporated with aesthetically pleasing melodies.

The production comes with revelation of events and circumstances, some negative, others positive, in a total theatre flair for an educational and transfor­mational cultural experience.


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