Centre of Excellence in Public Utility Regulation inaugurated in Accra

Centre of Ex­cellence in Public Utility Regulation (CEPUR) has been inaugurated in Accra to devel­op competencies and expertise in regulation and governance for the electricity, water, natural gas and other public utility sectors.

CEPUR, which is an institutional collaboration between the Gha­na Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) would deliver programmes and award certifi­cates in diverse courses related to regulation and the management of the electricity, water and natural gas sectors; and engage in cutting edge research for investment and policy decision making in the sectors of interest.

It was inaugurated on the theme: ‘Professionalism in the Utility Sec­tor, Key to Africa’s Development.’

Inaugurating the centre, Dr Mat­thew Opoku Prempeh, Minister of Energy said the centre was relevant because emerging dynamics in the energy sector including the energy transition and energy security con­cerns, required a competent and skilful workforce that was ready to help position Ghana and Africa to secure sustainable outcomes for future generations.

“My Ministry has already taken the lead in developing and imple­menting a road-map for energy transition in Ghana. The opening of this centre will therefore pro­vide the needed support to develop the skills necessary to achieve Afri­ca’s energy vision,” he added.

Dr Prempeh said Africa had been the consumer of research findings and emerging ideas led or written by researchers, as such, the centre would become a thought-leader in developing inno­vative and breakthrough research on utility regulation across the continent and beyond.

He therefore, entreated poli­cymakers, regulators, utility service providers, industry players, civil society or­ganisations and the gen­eral public desirous of acquiring knowledge in the eco­nomics of regulation to make use of the centre so as to build the expertise necessary to move the energy sector into the future.

The Energy Minister also urged the GIMPA-PURC CE­PUR to take the call to research seriously and find innovative and effective ways of collaborating with industry and the corporate world to engage in quality, strategic studies aimed at finding practical solutions to real issues and actual­ise research findings to develop the economy.

Prof. Samuel Kwaku Bonsu, Rector, GIMPA, said the centre would conduct high-level policy relevant research and encourage scholarly and public dialogues on utility regulation, adding, “the centre would be a leading point of ideas and policies to support not only Ghana’s PURC but also similar institutions across the continent.”

He assured that GIMPA would do its best to ensure that the centre became the African leader on all matters related to utilities regula­tion.

Board Chairman, PURC, Mr Ebo B. Quagrainie reiterated that the centre would enhance capacity development, efficiency and in­novation among regulated entities and strengthen regulation in the country and beyond.

“GIMPA shares our resolve to contribute to national development through cutting edge research, peer learning and capacity development. The believe that, given the right tools, desire and knowledge, the committed African is capable of managing his or her affairs,” he added.


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