Aiders Hub Foundation launched to support needy patients

 The Aiders Hub Founda­tion, is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to provide financial assistance to patients battling medical conditions while facing the burden of costly surgeries and other forms of medi­cal care, was launched in Accra last Saturday.

The theme for the launch was ‘Charity as a Social Responsibility,’ and the occasion was also used to solicit funds to support the current project of a two-year-old girl diag­nosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (Hole in Heart).

The Director of Aiders Hub Foundation, Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Hassan, said vision of Aiders Hub Foundation was to be a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing such challenging circumstanc­es.

He recounted that in 2016 when he was a medical student at the Uni­versity of Ghana Medical School and at the same time the National Ghana Muslim Students Association Pres­ident, they embarked on a medical outreach to Belerkope, a community in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

While offering free health screen­ing and other fun activities with the communities, the team noticed a little girl called Kadira, who was regularly seen squatting after a few activities, as though trying to catch some rest and later confirmed that she diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (hole in heart) in her infancy.

He further narrated to us the financial challenges he was facing, coupled with the recent loss of his wife and seemed helpless is raising funds for the corrective surgery of Little Kadira, the cost of which was estimated at $9000.00.

“After seeking consent from her father, the team launched an appeal for funds towards the corrective surgery for little Kadira.

“After a few months the total amount was realised and Little Kadi­ra successfully had her surgery and is now fully fit and aspires to become a medical Doctor,” he said.

He said the team had since suc­cessfully mobilised social support to fund other projects which include corrective surgery for a child with Blounts Disease (a condition result­ing in severe bowing of the legs), Kidney Transplant, Hernia repairs, Excision of breast lumps, payment of medical bills for stranded patients.

The Acting Board Chairperson of the Aiders Hub Foundation, Hajia Safuratu Mohammed Andani, said she was grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board for this noble cause and expressed commitment to overseeing the smooth running of this NGO.

The Guest Speaker, Sheikh Armi­yaw Shuaib, the spokesperson to the National Chief Imam, commended this initiative, adding that Muslims needed to take centre stage in charity and helping save lives quoting a verse from the Holy Quran, 5:32 to sup­port this, “And whoever saves a life, it is as though he has saved the lives of all mankind.”

He made a passionate appeal to all to rally support for the Aiders Hub and commit to be regular donors and collaborators to save the lives of the helpless.

The Chairman, Pishigu Naa Alhassan Andani commended Dr Abdul Rahman and his team for the initiative, adding that watching the video of little Kadira and her desire to pursue her dream of becoming a medical doctor was pleasing to the heart.

He expressed his commitment to the cause and stated that the Zakat and Sadaqat Trust Fund would work closely with the Aiders Hub Foundation in achieving the vision and mission.

Other Dignitaries present were; Dr Marzuk Mohammed Azindoo, PA to National Chief Imam, Naa Alhaji Issah Abdulai Munkaila, Madina Dagomba Chief; Malgu Naa Iddrisu-Sika, Chamba Chief; Daniyal Abdul Karim, President, Muslim Lawyers Forum.

Board members present were; Hajj Gibrine Adam, CEO EPP BOOKS, Hajia Muniratu Iddi of MTN, Hajia Salamatu Futa, Dr Abdallah Hadi a neurosurgeon and General Secretary of Islamic Medical Association of Ghana (IMAGH), Engr Alhaji Iss-hak Omar, rtd, Dr Adam Yunus of Baraka Policy Institute and Profes­sor Naail Muhammed Kamil of KNUST



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