Branding, key to music industry – EBA

Branding in the Ghanaian music industry is a key factor in the growth for most of the ‘buzzing’ musicians yet some musicians find it difficult to adapt to this business strategy, gospel musician, EBA has said.

The fast-rising musician, who is known in real life as Enoch Blessing Acquah, was speaking at a press reception held at the Praise Factory Studios, a record label and music production firm.

According to him, branding was a major cladding which helped musicians gain influence and maximum reach in the entertainment industry.

EBA said “I have not seen Ghanaian gospel musicians win ambassadorial deals as compared to that of secular musicians. When Glo came to Ghana, they signed several secular musicians and actors but left out gospel musicians. This is as a result of branding. I feel that we have not packaged ourselves well.”

According to him, his fellow gospel musicians were not making enough effort to make their brand look attractive, adding that gospel musicians in the US were competing with secular musicians “but in our part of the world, the story is different.”

“Many of us apportion blame on churches, claiming they are not supporting gospel artistes. But the question is, what is the artiste doing to make the brand attractive enough for people to support? People will only buy quality. When it’s pleasing to the eyes and ears, people will buy.”

 “When you go to the United States, for instance, there are many gospel artistes who are ambassadors for big brands. I think our influence as gospel musicians in Ghana and Africa is so minimal as compared to secular musicians,” EBA added.

He therefore urged his fellow musicians to spark a conversation about this issue else the fraternity would be stagnant.

EBA is currently out with his debut solo single, titled, “Balm of Gilead”. The soft, soulful worship song is accompanied by a classic music video directed by The Praise Factory Studios.

The music video is out on his official channel on YouTube and legendary sound engineer Fred Kyei Mensah ‘Fredima’ described it as the best music video he had seen in 36 years.”


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