Ball Girls show class in annual Baseball-For-All championship

Ball Girls Baseball teams from USA swept four out of the 5 divisions in the just-ended 7th Annual Baseball For All (BFA), Nationals from July 20-24, 2022 in Mesa, Arizona USA.

The gallant Ball Girls teams matched their opponents hit-by-hit and skillfully overcame them to secure the tops in the 10U, 12 AAA, 12 Major and the 16U divisions

In the 10U division, the Ball Girls defeated East Bay Hurricanes by 3 runs to 2 to emerged winners after eliminating Boston slammers, Arizona Peaches, Georgia Peaches and Hawaii Wahine.

The Ball Girls Blue overcame their colleagues from Georgia Peaches by 2 runs to nil in the 12U AAA category to end up as victors after overcoming Philly/Bay Sox, Arizona Peaches, DC Force and Georgia Peaches.

The Ball Girls gallantly secured the top spot in the 12 Major division when they beat their colleagues from San Diego Waves by 5 runs to 2 after playing against Boston Slammers, San Diego Waves, Los Angeles Monarchs and Boston Slammers.

The Girls became the ultimate winners in the 16U category after silencing the girls from the Oaks Blue team by 6 runs to 2 after beating Driveline, DC Force, New York Wonders, DC Force and Oaks Gold.

Ball Girls Baseball team is a USA based team with girls accross the country as well as girls from Canada and South Korea and welcomes the opportunities to work with girls from all over the world in learning and advancing in baseball.

The team was among 39 teams that took part in the five-day memorable event which attracted about 450 girls of all ages from USA, Canada and Mexico.

According to Mr Brian Glasser, Executive Board member in a facebook message said the organisation was founded by Allison Lacey and Marquita Beachy in January 2022 with the goal of bringing up a community of girls in baseball to compete and also to connect them to mentors in the baseball world to enable them to play in a higher division.

Mr Glasser said the 7th edition of the Nationals was their first tournament since the organisation was formed.

“We are extremely proud of them that they battled and played hard in temperatures reaching 115 degrees, never giving up and showing their true fighting spirits,” he said.

He commended Allison Lacey, Marquita Beachy, parents and volunteers for supporting and doing all it takes to give the girls feel at home while playing the game they love best.

“This glorious feat could not have been accomplished without the hard work of Allison Lacey, Marquita Beachy, parents and volunteers for supporting from the very beginning and hope it will continue,” he added.


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