Start as friends

Friendship is very important in every relationship especially marriage. Because you would be with your partner for a lifetime, this stage of your journey should not be compromised.

Juxtapose this scenario with climbing stairs: once you miss a step you are very likely to trip and fall. If the fall is hard you would injure yourself. In the same way friendship leading to marriage should be ‘climbed’ step by step.

The stage is critical because you are more likely to know your would-be life partner in his or her real state so that you can appreciate each other well.

For a long lasting relationship, it is advised that once you meet someone you like, start slow; know each other well.

As much as possible try and limit your questions about your ‘friend’s’ past, you see, not everyone likes talking about their past experiences especially bad ones.

If they seem to be enjoying your company, it is a good sign, relax and move slowly, one day they will open up to you.

At this stage, you can talk about your likes, dislikes while accommodating each other’s weakness.

If possible discuss openly your future plans. This stage will allow you the chance to know what the future ‘holds’ for both of you. Help each other to build on pending or future projects.

Encourage each other in times of difficulties whilst enjoying in happy times.

Take trips and outing to each other’s ‘hideouts’ and have fun, however, this stage should not be restricted to both of you, endeavour to inquire about your ‘friend’s’ family’s wellbeing.

It will create a good impression and extend your ‘influence’ on each other.

Please share, care and support your future life partner.

Good luck!

By Kwasi Minsieda

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