Young Moroccans answer social media calls for help

 Morocco’s young are powering their country’s desperate relief effort. In Taroudant’s youth centre, vol­unteers from across the city and beyond have been answering calls for help on social media.

Activists with rapidly rising numbers of followers are now co­ordinating the distribution of aid to the hundreds of communities without the most essential items.

Milk, nappies, jam and bedding are all being passed along human chains, loaded into trucks destined for villages dotted across the Atlas mountains. In many areas, this grassroots effort is getting sup­plies to those in need faster than official help.

“People are in danger. If we didn’t work so quickly, a lot of people are going to die,” says 21-year-old Ilyas, as he seals an­other box.

The Moroccan government has been criticised for rejecting assistance from some countries, including France and Germany.

But Amina, who has arrived with her sister, Nassib, from the city of Inezgane, tells us she respects the decision.

“Our country knows what it’s doing. If we need help, we will ask for it. The government – they know more,” she says.

As donations flood in, the biggest challenge is organising the aid and getting it out of the city as fast as possible.


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