Wives must work to complement efforts of husbands – Retired Deaconess

A retired deaconess of the Church of Pentecost, Mrs Grace Bempong, has advised wives to find something to do to support the efforts of their husbands in the home and to eke out the upbringing of their children.

Citing the sale of iced water for instance, she said working mothers were happier and have a better level of health and energy as compared to “stay at home mothers”.

Mrs Bempong was speaking at the Women’s Day Celebration of the Broadcasting English Assembly of the Church of Pentecost, New Bortianor District, Accra, last Sunday.

She was speaking on the theme “Equipping the child through effective parenting – Let’s catch them young.”

The retired deaconess said women had the innate ability of managing and multitasking, as such mothers would only have to try their best to balance their works and families.

She indicated that it was vital for mothers to work because of money, as whether being single or married, the family needed money in order to survive in a fluctuating economy.

Stressing that mothers could not stand their families being deprived of basic needs, she said working mothers would help ease the burdens on fathers and make themselves financially independent to some extent.

Mrs Bempong said the theme was timely and relevant as children were integral in families, communities, nations and the world at large.

She said it was for this reason children have to be properly brought up by their parents with love, peace, harmony and unity.

She urged parents to teach their children right and wrong, enhance their prayer lifestyle and spiritual growth, teach them to be benevolent, feed them properly and educate them.

Mrs Bempong said parents should keep an eye on their children’s social life, communication and domestic works.

She reminded parents not to be ignorant of the schemes of the enemy on this generation, internet-wise and bad company as they could have devastating effects on their children.

“All you have to do is to train a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it, Proverbs 22:6,” the retired deaconess cited.

The Women’s Ministry Leader of the Assembly, Deaconess Comfort Cobbinah, on the assembly’s behalf, thanked the retired deaconess and assured that the advice would be heeded to.


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