Weija Dam Spillage: 1 die, residents cry for help! …water level receding but town deserted

Some individuals affected by the Weija Dam spillage are yet to return to the area, though the water is receding significantly.

Thousands of residents of Weija, Tetegu and Choice near the old Kasoa Barrier, Accra left their homes after the area got submerged by floods.

The incident which led to the loss of properties worth millions of cedis has been described as one of the worst experiences of flood within the area for more than two decades now.

The Weija police have also confirmed the death of a 55-year-old man AddiKwashie who resided at Tetegu but drowned during the flood after attempt to seek refuge in an abandoned building failed.

When the Ghanaian Times got to the Tetegu area around 1pm yesterday, it was observed that the water had started receding but activities in the once busy area had slowed down as the streets were quiet.

A few individuals the Ghanaian Times spoke with confirmed that most of their neighbours who left to safer grounds had not returned yet.

They said the first group of individuals to return to the vicinity was those who were just hanging around, along the Tetegu streets because they had nowhere else to go.

AyeshatuOsmanu, a food vendor at the Tetegu taxi rank said she and her elder brother spent two nights in front of the Palace Mall across the Tetegu street and crossed over to stay at the taxi rank on Friday morning waiting for the water to recede completely.

“I sent my three children to live with their grandmother at Nima but my husband could not go and join them because the old lady lives in a single room so we just managed hanging around and when it was late in the night we sleep in front of the Palace Mall,” she said.

Mr Ismael Quarcoopome, a taxi driver stated that he was fortunate the floods did not wash his vehicle away, adding that he managed to drive out of the high risk flood zone to a safer area and was still staying in his taxi because his single room apartment was still flooded.

He revealed that he lived very close to the bridge and felt he and his neighbours might be the last to go back home as they were badly affected by the disaster.

He called on government to come to their aid by supplying them with food commodities and mattresses as they manage to recover from the effects of the floods.

Mr Obed Ntsiful, a security man who resides at Choice, said he left Wednesday afternoon but returned today with the hope of finding his home in a better situation than he left it but “I am disappointed because though the water has gone down, I can’t enter my room. I have to return to my brother at Gomoa-Nyanyano and return hopefully on Monday, maybe by then the situation would have improved. This devastation is too much to bear.”


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