Violent clashes amongst students on campuses are unnecessary

For some time now, it appears university campuses are becoming battle grounds for students.

The Ghanaian Times has recorded too many violent clashes to recount.

But the one that happened on Saturday brings into sharp focus, the increasing number of violence being exhibited on university campuses across the country.

 As a matter of fact, there will always be misunderstanding amongst students to the extent of degenerating into confrontation but what we find unnecessary is the destruction of property on university campuses.

The latest clash at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) between the Oguaa and the Atlantic (ATL) halls led to the destruction of property including the breaking of louvers and glass doors.

So violent were the rampaging students that the police had to be called in to stop them.

We are not sure what provoked the latest violence but whatever it is, we are of the view that it is absolutely unnecessary for the students to descend to such violent levels.

We have taken notice of the management of UCC’s statement condemning the acts of violence and urging the security agencies to investigate the incident.

“Management wishes to state unequivocally that all the perpetrators will be brought to book and dealt with appropriately” a statement issued by the registrar said.

While we support the position of the university authorities, we urge them to be proactive in preventing some of these violent clashes by the students.

 It will not be out of place, for instance, for the school to invite the security agencies to monitor and pick intelligence that will pre-empt the clashes.

This act alone could prevent those who have plans to engage in violent acts against some students to be stopped.

If not, students who indulge in such acts could easily be picked up while in the act to be dealt with.

These are but a few steps that could be employed to stop the violence on university campuses.

 We wish security agencies will act swiftly to arrest the students who perpetrated the mayhem.

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