US remains committed to Ghana’s progress – US Speaker

SPEAKER of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, Nancy Patricia Pelosi, has said the United States remains committed to Ghana’s progress. 

“America is firmly committed to economic progress in Ghana: a commitment enshrined and advanced over the course of many years through the Millennium Challenge partnership and in the African Growth and Opportunity Act,” she said. 

Ms Pelosi gave the assurance when she addressed Ghana’s Parliament in Accra yesterday as part of her four-day official visit to the country.

According to her, “together, our governments must continue to support smart development strategies that spur sustainable economic growth and lift up all families – in Ghana and Africa.” 

Ghana, she said, was already a leader in intra-Africa trade but “we must do more to diversify economies and encourage trade throughout the continent so that we can create the regional security and stability necessary to achieve prosperity across West Africa.” 

Lauding Ghana for advancing the course of justice on the African continent and beyond, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress said there was the need for educational and economic opportunities that allow every student and worker to climb the ladder of opportunities to be created, with focus on girls. 

“When women succeed, America succeeds and when women succeed, Ghana succeeds,” she said to loud cheers from women Parliamentarians. 

Since attaining independence in 1957, Ms Pelosi, said the world still depends on Ghana to be a force to advance justice stating that “justice is the foundation of hope. We must ensure that every person – particularly young people – have hope in the future.”

In her view, “today, too many people in too many places are living under regimes and in conditions that deny them justice that is their right: as citizens and as children of God.”

Both countries, she said, must work together to not only prevent and combat the devastating public health crisis but forge a more equal and fair future where every person has access to basic health care. 

“We cannot accept a world in which one is born determines whether they have access to quality, affordable care services the need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Health care is a right, not privilege – for every person in every country,” Ms Pelosi noted. 

On environment, Ms Pelosi saluted Ghana’s leadership in upholding the Paris Climate Accord and the work the country had done to lower emissions, increase use of renewables and advance climate resilience in your communities. 

“The House of Representatives and the American people are with you, and remain committed to honouring our own obligations in this fight,” she assured. 

The U.S. and Ghana, Ms Pelosi said must achieve for all of its vulnerable communities by advancing security, ensuring stability and promoting peace throughout the region and the world. 

“Ghana stands as a shining star on the African continent as a leader in exporting security beyond its borders and model of a thriving democracy for the world” she said and applauded the country for upholding human rights and opportunity for all of its citizens and non-citizens,” she stated. 


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