Sudan’s opposition alliance faces test of cohesion ahead of constitutional declaration

Sudan’s opposition Freedom and Change Alliance is facing a test of cohesion among its components ahead of expected endorsement of a constitutional declaration.

The Sudanese Communist Party, a major faction of the alliance, on Wednesday held a press conference in Khartoum, announcing its rejection to the negotiations with the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

The party’s position came at the time when the opposition alliance voiced commitment to continue talks with the TMC to finalise the constitutional declaration which organises the work of the transitional period institutions.

Sidiq Yousif, a leading member of the communist party, stressed that his party would not take part in any talks that involve the TMC, demanding the dissolving of all the militias, including the rapid support forces.

“We will continue consultations with our partners to stop negotiation with the TMC,” said Yousif.

However, the opposition alliance moved to remove the fears arising from the position of the communist party and stressed its cohesion and commitment to the charters organising establishment of the alliance.

“The position of the communist party does not divide the rank,” said Ismail Taj, a leading member of the Freedom and Change Alliance, at a press conference in Khartoum on Wednesday.

“The communist party is a component of the national consensus forces bloc and this bloc continues as part of the Freedom and Change Alliance,” he noted.

Leader of the opposition National Umma Party Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi expressed on Wednesday the hope that the alliance and the TMC would reach consensus over the document of the constitutional declaration.

He further warned against some unnamed political parties, saying that those parties tend to cripple the political solution, the transitional experience and the peace efforts.

He added that those forces should not be allowed to cripple implementation of the signed political declaration or signing the constitutional declaration.

Meanwhile, Khalid Omer, a leading member of the alliance, announced conclusion of the meetings of the joint technical committee concerned with the constitutional declaration.

“There is a greet consensus between the two sides with some points of difference that need direct negotiations between the alliance and the TMC,” he said in a statement.

Direct talks between the opposition alliance and the TMC are expected to be held on Thursday to finalise the constitutional declaration. –Xinhua

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