So Creative Africa Learning Programme launched in Accra

 An online programme, So Creative Africa Learning Programme — has been launched in Accra, to help young creative profes­sionals to gain essential skills in the creative industry.

An initiative of the BlueCrest University College and the British Council in Ghana, the programme would highlight the creative economy, its key drivers, and the skills needed to successfully navigate the industry.

Participants will be taken through content creation, project management, entrepreneurship, marketing and other disciplines which are critical to unlocking opportunities in the industry.

At the launch on Thursday, the Rector of the University, Dr Sujith Jayaprakash, in a statement said that the creative industry was a vital part of the global economy and employs millions of people worldwide.

Therefore, he urged interested applicants to get involved and apply in building careers in the industry.

“The programme covers a wide range of topics that are critical to building a career in the creative industry,” Dr Sujith said.

He further added that the programme would be delivered entirely online and would be parallel led by leading industry professionals and academics from BlueCrest University.

“The programme will feature guest lectures and network­ing opportunities with industry leaders, providing partic­ipants with valuable insights and connections,” Dr Sujith added.

In addition, the rector said the programme was designed to give young professionals the skills and knowledge they needed to succeed rapidly in the creative industry.

Dr Sujith said the university was proud to partner with the British Council, one of the leading institutions in the creative arts, to deliver the programme.

He said the programme would be open to young profes­sionals including Ghanaian entrepreneurs from the ages 18 to 35 and would be delivered in English.

The British Council is the UK’s international organi­sation for cultural relations and educational opportunities creating friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries.

BlueCrest University College is a leading institution of higher education, known for its excellence in the creative arts and its commitment to fostering the next generation of creative leaders with a diverse student body and a world-class faculty.


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