Savelugu School for the Deaf appeals for support

Authorities of the Savelugu School for the Deaf in the Northern Region have made a passionate appeal to members of the public, corporate institutions and government to help them renovate their playing equipment at their playground, which has broken down for years now.

Ms Gertrude Dasah, headmistress of Savelugu School for the Deaf made the special appeal on behalf of the over four hundred students.

“We are not asking for new playing materials which may be costly, it is just repairs, in order for the kids to play as part of their learning process,” she said.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Times here at Savelugu, Ms Dasah said,   “Without playing activities, it makes teaching and learning difficult and boring, which makes it uneasy for the kids to cooperate while in the class.”

She said many of the kids had severe and profound disabilities, requiring specialist care and equipment in order to improve their academic performance.

“Though the government is supporting education in so many ways, but if a little more attention will be given to these special children, it will bring a bit of relief in their development,” the headmistress stressed.

Dzifa Sangda, in primary two, in a sign language pleaded with corporate institutions and the government to intervene in granting their request.

Photos: Geoffrey Buta

As seen in the photographs, some of the playing equipment are broken down on the ground

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