Rev. Abbey admonishes youth to prepare for life

In life, nothing comes out automatically or unexpectedly without adequate preparation, Rev. Samuel Shamoson Glory Abbey, Founder of the Mega Kharis Ministries International has advised the church.

He said God created man like Himself and not as a ‘Superman or Captain Planet’ to appear in places, or command things mysteriously but He put certain principles and mechanisms in him (man) in order to operate in line with Him (God) to receive results.

Preaching the sermon on the “Principles of Life Explosion” from Acts Chapters One to Four in the Bible, he urged the church, especially the youth to intentionally and purposely prepare for whatever they wanted to achieve before they acted, because nothing came automatically on this earth.

He said Jesus Christ intentionally prepared for 30 years before He came out and within three years He had imparted the whole world, adding that “it is not what you say or do that matters but the impact you make in people’s lives matters most”

“Today we have the church and the name of Jesus Christ being mentioned everywhere in the world” he stressed.

Rev. Abbey said that most Christians had failed to prepare their plans and goals but left everything for the Holy Spirit to do it without thinking that they have a major role to play to achieve their aims and objectives.

Quoting from some parts of the Acts of the Apostles Chapters one and four he said the disciples were very passionate about whatever teachings and information they received from Jesus Christ and were willing to put them into practice.

Rev. Abbey, therefore, urged Church leaders to teach the members the right gospel that would make the members live for Christ adding that “most of them are living the opposite of reality of Christianity because of the lifestyle of the men of God”.

“Let us allow God to make our lips holy to enable us create, nurture and develop holy people for Him through the Church which He has entrusted into our hands,’’ he advised his colleagues.

He said many people today placed their confidence in earthly things for power, instead of the Almighty God who knitted them in their mother’s womb and scheduled everyday of their lives.

He advised the youth to hold on to God for strength, turn away from all earthly support and power which turns to ashes in their hands and ensure that they have good relationship with Him and their fellow man.

Rev. Abbey said Christianity today had moved from relationship and revelation to fetishism and idolatry due to certain unscrupulous men of God who had entered into the priesthood of God.

He appealed to church leaders to be careful of their relationship with the flock of God.



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