Rawlings: Democracy has failed to contain corruption

The nation may have achieved electoral democracy but is yet to stamp out corruption, former President Jerry Rawlings has observed.

He explained that though lack of democracy was usually associated with tyranny and corruption, the country has achieved electoral democracy without its associated reward of containing corruption.

“We can judge the quality of democracy by extent to which it is able to bring on board the participation, strength, defiance, goodwill and discipline of the citizenry to contain corruption,” former President Rawlings pointed out when the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu, paid a courtesy call on him on Thursday.

The visit was part of activities marking the 100th birthday of the Chief Imam, an itinerary he indicated would not be complete without a special word of thank you to the former President for his role in formalising Muslim leadership in the country.

Asking for the Chief Imam’s support through prayers for good culture democracy that has the capacity to contain the corruption canker, former President Rawlings noted that changes in political leadership through the ballot box has been qualified as a good democracy though it had failed to contain corruption.

Expressing his gratitude to the Chief Imam, the former president was not sure if he deserved “so much” because “some of the deeds come to us through the Almighty, it is something we should thank him for.

“Formalising the Office of the National Chief Imam and establishing Muslim holidays were long overdue at the time they happened, God did not create human beings to be subservient to one another,” former President Rawlings said.

Sheikh Sharabutu, speaking through one of his aides, expressed his profound gratitude to the former president for the support given Muslim Umar over the years, saluted his fight against corruption and injustice not only in the country but beyond the shores of the country.

“Your level of fight against corruption, injustice, love for the poor, concern for the downtrodden are all appreciated and the best time to show appreciation is the holy period of Ramadan,” the Chief Imam noted.


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