Political scientist urges leaders to look beyond parties

A political scientist at the University of Ghana, Dr Kwame Asah-Asante, has urged political leaders to extend their vision beyond their parties’ towards progress, growth and development.

He noted that the coun­try would achieve enormous progress “if leaders thought of the nation first and properly managed resources for rapid socioeconomic growth and development.

“The extravagancy involved in Independence Day celebra­tions irrespective of economic hardships and constant reliance on the international community for financial aid unfortunately, the behaviour of Ghanaians af­ter attainment of Independence has defeated good inheritance bequeathed them by the fore­bears.

“Over the years, the nation has failed to have a just society with number of injustices being recorded in various facets of life and the little we can do to glorify the people who fought for our independence is by protecting, de­fending what they left behind and make our society one more time shining example of Africa.

“Once we go on this current route, we will throw away all the good work done for us by our forebears, God has blessed Ghana with every resource needed for meaningful life, citizens and lead­ers must be disciplined, think out­side the box and put the resources together for the nation’s progress, growth and development,” Dr Asah-Asante noted.

He asked the government to acknowledge efforts of other peo­ple who in diverse ways contribut­ed to the fight for independence and celebrate them accordingly and mentioned Nii Kwabena Bon­nie III, Osu Alata Maŋtse, King Joseph Aggrey Essien of Cape Coast, among others.

According to him, the country’s shortfalls should serve as guide and opportunity for self-introspection, and urged the citizenry to resist any attempt to undermine the democratic system and work hard to support and assist the government for survival and also ensure corruption was dealt serious blow so that “if it does exist, it should be in its bar­est minimum”.

Kingsley Amoakwa-Boadu, a legal practitioner, said Ghanaians must remain united irrespective of difficulties being faced as a nation and be optimistic at all times so leaders must be visionary and rep­licate the good things happening elsewhere to accelerate progress, growth and development.

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