Police rescue 16 persons kidnapped at AnkafulZongo

A total of 16 persons aged between 12 and 20 years have been found in a single room at AnkafulZongo in the Cape Coast Metropolis in the Central Region.

The victims have been allegedly kidnapped and are believed to be non-Ghanaians because they are unable to speak any local language.

They are suspected to be nationals of countries such as Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali, and Niger and as a result could communicate in French.

The victims are believed to have been kept in the room for about one month as they have grown very lean due to lack of food and water.

Upon picking up information, the Chief and OpinionLeaders of the Ankaful Community together with themedia went to the house to verify but the main door had been locked with a padlock while the security man guarding the house was nowhere to be found.

The residents who were living in fear after the discovery told the media that they used to see taxis coming to the house with some young boys being led into the house by some unknown persons but later did not see them anymore.

The Chief of Ankaful, Nana AburaAsankomaIlI, appealed to the security agencies to launch aninvestigation and arrest the suspected kidnappers.

The Assembly Member of Cape Coast Ankaful, George Anarful in an interview said, the matter had been reported to the Ankaful Police but the Police have failed to act.

According to him, he has been told the kidnapped victims have been signed to play football for some teams in the country but have been caged and not catered for.

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