Paris police shoot woman at station after threats

French count­er-terrorism police have shot and wounded an unarmed woman in a full veil after she threatened train passengers, Paris authorities say.

Officers opened fire eight times when the woman refused to com­ply with police orders, a source told the BBC.

The alarm was raised by passengers on an RER suburban train in the 13th district in south­ern Paris.

The Paris prefect said police then intervened at the Biblio­thèque François-Mitterrand train station.

The woman was reportedly heard shouting “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is greatest”.

“Police feared for their safety,” the source added.

She is said to be critical but stable after being shot in the abdomen. She was reportedly operated on in hospital.

Paris police prefect, Laurent Nuñez, said the woman may be a 38-year-old who in 2021 threat­ened security forces protecting sensitive sites in France from terror attacks.

Mr Nuñez added that she was interned on mental health grounds after the incident.

The officers who shot her were wearing body cams, government spokesman, Olivier Véran, said.

Two investigations have been launched by the authorities. One is regarding the woman’s ac­tions, and the other to determine whether the use of a firearm by police was justified.

The incident comes amidst heightened tension in France caused by the Israel-Hamas war.


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