Nkrumah posthumously conferred with Generational Leadership Legend Award

Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, has been honoured posthumously with the 2022 Generational Leadership Legend Award.

It was conferred on him by the MOSES Foundation Ghana, a leadership institute, established to mobilise the older generation in fostering national cohesion and inspiring global excellence in Ghanaian leadership.

A statement by the group to announce the award said the MOSES Generational Leadership-Legend Award was designed as a Global innovative model to institutionalise a system of recognition and leadership impact beyond a ceremonial one-off event for a year-long celebration of leadership excellence.

“The celebration of leadership excellence is designed through series of events to cement the nominee’s leadership values of integrity, legacy, legendary status and personality in the footprint of Ghanaian and African leadership history, but also a reference institution to inspire the next generation of Ghanaians and Africans in the quest to attain global excellence in leadership and beyond,” it said.

The statement said the Award would identify and promote historic Ghanaian and African icons, existing or posthumous, who had not only attained global excellence, but also pushed forward global excellence in leadership with a demonstrable spirit of nationalism and humanism.

It said the MOSES Foundation believed the late Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s nationalism and leadership qualities were vital in the various achievements he chalked while serving as president.

“The Foundation believes Dr Nkrumah’s global towering stature, distinctive generational genius, extraordinary vision and accomplishments, uncommon selfless disposition, unparalleled leadership integrity and intellectual depth as Africa’s greatest leadership export of the millennium, constitute a sterling leadership brand, a shared Ghanaian pride and a significant reference institution fundamental to inspiring the next generation of Ghanaian leadership,” it stated.

The statement said Dr Nkrumah exemplifies the leadership excellence that the MOSES Awards sought to promote and preserve to inspire the next generation.

 It urged Ghanaians to support the MOSES Foundation to celebrate great and inspiring leaders to promote a new culture of excellence in leadership and national cohesion.


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