Newly elected TUSAAG executives raise red flag

Newly elected national executives of the Technical University Senior Association of Ghana (TUSAAG) has been inaugurated at the Accra Technical University campus on Wednesday.

They are Mr Joseph Mensah Oti-Asirifi, national president; Joseph Amoako, national vice president; Reverend Michael Yaw Obeng, general secretary; Ms Janet Ami Keku, national organising secretary;  

Mr Eugene Brobbey, national treasurer and Ms Clarissa Kyei-Akuoko, national press secretary.

In his inaugural address, Mr Oti-Asirifi stated that TUSAAG was unhappy with attempts by Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) to re-audit Technical Universities (Tus) when the timetable for that major activity had expired. 

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He said it was strange for GTEC to decertify existing positions or offices that were not touched during the auditing process by GTEC itself. 

“Section 24 and 25 (a) of the Public University Act is clear on the power of Councils to make arrangements as it considers appropriate for the internal organisation of the university, and the justification for the creation of these administrative and professional layers are on the merit of the continuous expansion of the university system.

“TUSAAG is concerned about the situation where some senior member positions (non-teaching) have adversely been affected by the introduction of the scheme of Service for Staff of Technical Universities in respect of Terminal Grade/Level is also a matter of grave concern to us,” Mr Oti-Asirifi said. 

TUSAAG, he argued, was of the view that the revision and implementation of the scheme of service should create a just, fair and harmonious career paths for administrators and professionals. 

He asked: “Should administrators and professionals in the performance of our core functions be required to publish a research paper before promotion; or it should be limited to memo, reports and position papers, because it is the product of our jobs?

“Or should the publication of a research paper stay in our promotion requirement while we make immediate demands for Research Allowance to commensurate with that requirement as paid to Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA)?

Mr Oti-Asirifi also asked about the validity of the establishment levels/warrant in the administrative and professional promotion pattern and how to conclude on the matter of rank and position with or without portfolio.

NEC, he announced, would in the few days, name the hosting institution and call for a national congress during which “we shall table proposals and build consensus to conclude on our position on these critical issues.”

The new TUSSAG president, who is also the Head  of Disability Support and Services Unit (DSSU) at Takoradi Technical University (TTU), congratulated  the immediate past leadership and called  for their support and experience, saying that, the  transition represents “a change in continuity  and  that, – we have a similar manifesto to prosecute.” 

Mr Oti-Asirifi stated: “TUSAAG would continue to cooperate/engage government and all other allied and regulatory bodies in ensuring that the conditions of service and the rights of our members are catered for.

TUSAAG would expect our stakeholders to continue to return our co-operation with respect, and act in good faith.”

TUSAAG NEC, he assured, would not hesitate to take strong decisions if their goodwill and cooperation were not recognised.

He directed local leadership to deal with the many internal issues of staff training and professional development, promotion, welfare benefits and pension, and monetary investment that would provide retirement incomes for the members of the association. 


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