NDC preparing for another defeat in 2020 elections–Kwabena Kokofu

Dr Kwabena Kokofu, a former Member of Parliament for Bantama Constituency in the Ashanti Region, has described as ‘mischief and propaganda’ the comment made by former President John Mahama on the 2016 elections results.

He maintained that the action taken by the former President was meant to prepare the minds of National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters to reject the perpetual defeat the main party was going to suffer in next year’s general elections.

Former President John Mahama, addressing Saïd Business School in collaboration with the African Studies Centre and the Oxford Africa Business Alliance, challenged the Electoral Commission to make public, details of its investigation into hacking of its system used in collating election results electronically during 2016 polls.

According to him, “As I speak, I am not aware the Electoral Commission has carried out any investigation into what compromised their Information Technology system, stakeholders, the political parties, have not been briefed on what caused corruption of system, in interest of transparency, Ghanaians must understand what happened before we go into another election.”

But reacting to the comment made by former President Mahama on GHONE TV, Dr Kokofu insisted that “the act of former President Mahama is mischief and propaganda to prepare the minds of NDC in upcoming elections because he knows he will be defeated again.

“He wants to prepare their minds to reject the elections results in 2020 which is why he is saying results in 2016 elections was corrupted, he could have called for investigation into 2016 elections results earlier when he left office in 2017 if he meant well for fairness to prevail in elections in the country and not wait till now.

“The NDC is well represented on the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) with the Electoral Commission, if it is a genuine concern of the former President, he could have notified his members serving on IPAC to ask questions and not travel abroad to make it public.

“I fear tantrum of the former President can be chaotic especially when there is an upcoming general election in 2020, it can agitate supporters of the NDC to fight outcome of results in next general elections, comment of former President Mahama is an admission his party will be defeated in 2020 general elections and preparing for perfect excuse when they are defeated,” Dr Kokofu stressed. –peacefmonline.com

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