Muslims urged to acknowledge Allah in everyday life

Tijani Ahmed Haruna, Imam of Fise, Accra, has urged Muslims to acknowledge Allah in everyday life, and to set good examples for others to emulate.

He said: “perform your duties to Allah in sincerity. Even though Ramadan has ended, living piously has no timeline. Continue to live righteous lives for the sake of Allah.”

Tijani Haruna made the callwhile delivering a sermon to mark the end of Ramadan at Fise, Accra, on Tuesday.

He asked Muslimswho could not observe the Ramadan to seek forgiveness from Allah, saying Ramadan was a spiritual exercise which needed to be taken seriously.

Tijani Haruna urged Muslims to reconcile with their neighbours and live peacefully with each other.

“No one is perfect, so let us all make sure when we offend each otherwe do not remain at loggerheads for the rest of our lives. We should always solve problems and promote peacebecause Islam does not support negativity”.

Acting chief of the Fise Muslim Community, Alhaji Jamal Hamidu Kabore, commended the people for taking part in the prayers, and asked them to adhere to the doctrines of the holy Q’uran.

He appealed to Muslims to take their children to school, saying “Education is a necessity, especially in this era of civilisation, so I am encouraging all Muslims and Ghanaians in general to take their children to school,” Alhaji Kabore added.


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