Lebanese Ambassador commends Chief Imam’s Commitment to Peace, National Unity

Mr Maher Kheir, Ambassador of Lebanon to Ghana, has paid a visit to the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman NuhuSharubutu, at his residence in Accra.

  He praised the Chief Imam for his visionary leadership and commitment to peace, as well as for his adherence to the principles of tolerance, forgiveness and love during his leadership.

 The Lebanese diplomat made these remarks when he led a Lebanese delegation of clerics and businessmen on a visit to the Imam of Ghana, to commemorate Ramadan and the Islamic Eid al-Fitr, and wished him a happy 104th birthday.

In his remark, Mr Kheir indicated that the month of Ramadan was an important period for learning the values ​​necessary for national unity.

 He also praised the Imam for exploring new ways to invest in young people to shape their future.

 The Ambassador emphasised that “Indeed, as the leader of Ghana’s vibrant Muslim community, your wise leadership is reflected in your enthusiastic support for youth development and nation-building.”

  He stressed that Lebanon was a country of cultural pluralism and religious diversity which included about 18 religious communities, (Christians and Muslims), and they shared the same values ​​of tolerance, love, forgiveness and peace with Ghana.

  He added that those sublime values ​​deeply affect the human and bilateral relations between the two countries.

  Ghana, like Lebanon, is a country of multiculturalism and religious diversity, he said and added that “We also celebrate Ramadan and share the same values.  Therefore, apart from diplomacy, our two countries and our people are also bound by religious and human ties.” 

  Imam Sharubututhanked the delegation for the kind gesture and asked God’s blessings for the Lebanese people.

He lauded the friendly relations between Lebanon and Ghana, and was hopeful that the ties that bind Ghanaians and Lebanese together would grow stronger.

Mr Kheir, on behalf of the Lebanese Community, presented a special gift of perfume made from the essence of Lebanese nature to the Chief Imam

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