Klefe-Demete CHPS compound abandoned?

The Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound project which took off at Klefe-Demete in 2019 is now hidden in shrubs.

The contractor, Kovigu Construction Company, has abandoned the site, citing severe weather conditions.

The company has, however, acknowledged payment by the government for the certificate raised in respect of work done so far.

The vital health sector project which was scheduled to be done last year is nowhere near completion.

These came to light when officials of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) visited the project site last Friday.

They were accompanied by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ho Central, Mr Benjamin Komla Kpodo and the outgoing Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Prosper Pi-Bansa and the Assembly Member of the area, Mr Wolasi Dogbey.

The site foreman, Mr Delali Mornu who led the team through the weeds to the uncompleted structure said that work on the project came to a halt in April this year due to the heavy rains.

He could not tell specifically when the project which commenced with petroleum revenue from the Annual Budget Funding Amount (ABFA) would resume.

The team expressed disappointment over the pace of work at the site and insisted on the immediate resumption of work.

That prompted Mr Kpodo to call the Managing Director of the company, Nana Fanyinama on phone to demand an explanation for the state of affairs at the site.

The managing director was heard saying that “we would come back soon.”

In a remark, Mr Dogbey said that the standstill status of the project was a huge disappointment to the community, leaving the people with more questions than answers.

A member of the PIAC, Alhaji Ahmed Anderson expressed similar sentiments.


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