Kingmakers of Gbese Stool nullify elevation of Naa Adiagba I

The Principal Kingmakers of the Gbese Stool have nullified a purported elevation of Gbese Noyaa Manye, Naa Ayikailey Adiagba I, to the position of acting Gbese Manye by the aging incumbent.

The kingmakers said the aging Gbese Manye, Naa Ayikailey Naa Noben I, was not clothed with the authority to unilaterally select somebody to act as Gbese Manye at the blind side of the kingmakers.

“Gbese Jaase wishes to state categorically that the incumbent is with aging syndrome, therefore any person to act on her behalf must be done in broader consultation with kingmakers to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts.”

Addressing the media at Gbese Mantse’s Palace yesterday, Nii Okai Kasablofo V, Gbese Jaasetse and Principal Kingmaker of the stool said the kingmakers had taken serious note of those involved in deception and gross disrespect to the stool.

He said the action and inaction of the Noyaa Manye, who until the deceptive act was part of the stool as a development-oriented Manye, could not be countenanced, adding that her role demonstrated an act of disrespect and indictment on the Gbese Stool.

Nii Kasablofo said the Noyaa Manye by consensushas been stripped of the two Royal titles, the Noyaa Manye and acting Gbese Manye, saying,”she should not under any circumstances parade herself as such, otherwisethe Stool shall take deterrent by pursuing the case at a court of competent jurisdiction.

He reiterated that though the incumbent Manye was still recognised as Gbese Manye, she should not arrogate to herself the sole prerogative of choosing somebody to act on her behalf, especially without the knowledge of the Principal Kingmakers.

Nii Kasablofo emphasised that the purported elevation that happened on February 22, 2022, and was widely broadcast on social media, had been nullified, all that had been done, adding that the perpetrators would be brought to face a court of competent jurisdiction in order to sustain the peace the people of Gbese enjoyed.

He cautioned the general public to disregard any issue that had to do with the two royal positions stripped of Millicent Naa Ayikailey Okai (the embattled Noyaa Manye) who was still parading herself as such.


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