Kaneshie-Mallam commuters lament over bad roads

Danger is looming on the Kaneshie-Mallam highway due to the presence of gaping potholes on the road, creating nuisance for road users, especially drivers and passengers.

The situation gets worst anytime it rained as water gathers in the holes, making movement on the highway extremely difficult, not only for drivers but for pedestrians as well.

When contacted, an official of the Okaikoi South Assembly who did not disclose his identity stated that, it was the duty of the Ghana Highway Authority to fix the bad roads, adding that his outfit had not been given the financial capability to undertake any repairs on the roads in its jurisdiction.

However, in separate interviews with the Ghanaian Times yesterday, some drivers expressed worry about the condition of the highway, and called on authorities, as a matter of urgency, to fix the problem to avert any unfortunate situation.

Mr David Ackah, a 40-year-old commercial driver said several calls on the municipal assembly to act swiftly concerning the situation, had fallen on deaf ears as the road remained in the same situation for years now.

“Drivers who are not familiar with the nature of the road always bump into the holes, especially when they are driving at top speed. It is really an unpleasant situation which needs to be addressed with all seriousness,” he added.

Adams Hamidu, a taxi driver said, “I manage to dodge the holes anytime I get to the part of the road where the holes are,” adding that no matter how hard he tried to avoid falling into the holes, it becomes impossible due to wideness of the holes.

Citing the recent accidents that have claimed several lives just within the month of January as an example, the sad-looking driver said it was time for government to prioritise the safety of Ghanaians.

Kofi Asemeni, a trotro driver said due to the nature of the road, the mechanic shop had now become his second home because his vehicle breaks down frequently.

Another road user, Madam Fulera Shaibu, said plying the Kaneshie-Mallam highway on a daily basis has become a difficult task for her because she found it uncomfortable driving between potholes every day.

She said bad roads affect the function of vehicles and also put the lives of passengers or occupants of vehicles at risk.


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