Job seekers attend curriculum review clinic in Takoradi

 A Curricu­lum Vitae (CV) review clinic for job seekers was organised on Friday in Takoradi in the Western Region by SNV Nether­lands Development Organisation, as part of its GrEEn Project.

The event formed part of SNV Ghana’s up-coming second annual GrEEn (2022) regional job fair in the Western Region on November 22, under the Boosting Green Em­ployment and Enterprise Opportu­nities in Ghana (GrEEn) Project.

The job fair was on the theme, “Green and Circular Economy: A sure way to creating decent and sustainable employment and jobs.” That of Ashanti Region has been slated for November 15.

Collaborators include the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs (GCYE), Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Devel­opment.

The Western Regional Labour Officer, Ms Elizabeth Acquah, told the participants that, as they entered the world of work, they needed to understand the Labour provisions.

These included the National Labour Commission (NLC) Act L.I 1832, on conflict management and Labour Offices Act, Act 651, which spelt out relations with employer, conditions for entry, discipline, payment of salaries, transfer and grounds to terminate.

She continued “The provisions give the employer all these man­dates. So, as you enter, you secured the job, it is not ended, discipline policy is coming, human resource, transfer and promotion policies. So everywhere there’s a general condi­tion of employment status.

“So as a worker, you should sharpen yourself when you secure the job. What am I expected to do to avoid termination? Before you go into legal issues, look at fair and un­fair terms, how do I work produc­tively to promote the industry?”

Ms Acquah urged the labour mar­ket to work in line with stipulated labour laws for an amicable and conducive environment.

Skills Development Advisor, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Ms Gifty Afi Cud­joe, said the clinic was designed to prepare the youth for the job mar­ket and also link them to potential employers.

Since 2020, SNV has organ­ised 10 job fairs at the district and regional level in partnership with local assemblies with the aim of providing CV support, career guidance and counselling as well as connecting job seekers to green employers.

A business and marketing consultant, HiPAG Surveys, Mr Isaac Tweneboah-Koduah, wondered why the youth were not getting the jobs, noting that some possessed CVs that contained inadequate information on even phone numbers and credible email addresses.

Advising participants on the right attitudes towards work, he told prospective job seekers, particularly interns, to focus more on how to make the mark in the world of work and not hurry, ask­ing for what salary awaited them.

Mr Tweneboah-Koduah advised participants to understand the world of work and also gain con­fidence of their employer.

President of the Ghana Cham­ber of Young Entrepreneurs, Sherrif Ghali, mentioned that employers looked for determined young people, teachable and honest.

Again, employers, he stressed, needed resilient and computer literate people.


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