Indian High C’ssion marks Indian’s 74th Republic Day in Accra

 The India High Commis­sion in Ghana has said it is refocusing its development projects and interventions to ensure that the other 15 regions of the country benefit.

The High Commissioner, Sugandh Rajaram, said instead of concentrating on the Greater Accra Region, the Indian benev­olence and impact should be felt nationwide.

He said this in Accra yesterday when he addressed the Indian community and other guests in Ghana at a flag-raising ceremony held to mark the 74th Republic Day of India.

Amb. Sugandh Rajaram (fourth from left) and other dignitaries after the flag hoisting Photo: Ebo Gorman
Amb. Sugandh Rajaram (fourth from left) and other dignitaries after the flag hoisting Photo: Ebo Gorman

The day commemorates India’s official adoption of its constitu­tion on January 26, 1950, which made it a sovereign republic after it gained its independence from the British in 1947.

The ceremony, on the theme “Participation of the Common People,” was characterised by tra­ditional Indian music and cultural performances, showcasing the country’s cultural diversity and the spirit of nationalism.

Elaborating on the regional spread of Indian interventions in an interview afterward, Mr Rajaram said a nationwide tour had revealed that more needed to be done to deepen the relations between the two countries.

In view of this, he said, mea­sures had been put in place to ensure that residents of other regions were allotted slots for scholarships, noting that last year, scholarship applicants from Oti and Savannah regions were selected.

Aside from setting up offices dubbed “India corner” to educate people about his country and its activities, it is strengthening it to scholarship alumni groups as well as a series of donations to under­privileged people.

Mr Rajaram said there were many opportunities in the regions that would be explored to solidify the relationship between the two countries and their growth in terms of politics, social life, and economy.

“Our partnership is expanding and we are getting to various regions. Should we prosper, we must come together and work in the interest of our people and our countries,” he said.

Earlier at the ceremony, Mr Rajaram said, although the day was meant to commemorate the struggle of the forefathers for independence and the successes of the present day, more needed to be done to maximise the gains of the country.

“We celebrate not to take pride in achievement, our forefathers gave us a framework and amp but walking the path to growth and prosperity is our responsibility,” he said.

Mr Rajaram said, India, having emerged as the fourth largest economy in the world, it was working to be the third by 2028 and by 2047, when the country hits 100 years, since indepen­dence, it would be a $26 trillion economy.


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