Indian community in Ghana mark biggest cultural festival

The Indian High Commission in Accra is today holding one of its biggest cultural festivals in Ghana, as part of efforts to promote India’s cultural diversity.

Dubbed Diwali Mela, translated Festival/Fair of Light, it is one of the biggest festival celebrated annually in India just like Christmas, the biggest Christian festival held across the world every year.

The festival to be held on the theme “India at 75,” formed part of activities to mark the 75th anniversary of India which was celebrated in October this year.

Already, the festival had been celebrated in India and the Indian High Commission wants to mark same in Ghana for Ghanaians to also witness the festival.

Speaking to the India’s High Commissioner of India in Accra, Sugandh Rajaram on the programme, he said this year’s observation of the ‘Diwali Mela,’ was the first time the programme was being held as a fairon a large-scale in Ghana and opened to the general public, noting that the programme was the first in three years since the COVID-19 outbreak in the late 2019.

The High Commissioner explained that in the past,the programme was marked on a low-scale at the Indian House among the Indian Community in the country.

Mr Rajaram said the objective of the programme which would be done at the India House in Accra, was to showcase India’s cultural diversity.

“This festival/fair of light is an opportunity to reach out to more Ghanaians and showcase what India is in terms of its cultural diversity. This festival is not about business or political progress of India, but it is about the cultural progress of India in the last 75 years,” he said.

He said the celebration of the Diwali Mela would offer the Indian High Commission in Accra the opportunity to promote the culture, traditions and values of India to the Ghanaian people.

“This is a cultural partnership. Diwali Mela is an avenue to celebrate the cultural partnership between India and Ghana,” the High Commissioner stated.

Mr Rajaram said as part of the programme, there would be cultural performances from the India Community Artists, cultural performances from each of the state of India and regional performance as well.

He said participants would have opportunity to taste and enjoy various Indian foods prepared by Indian Restaurants in Accra and Tema, saying that Indian foods were popular in Ghana.

The High Commissioner pledged that children would not be left out in the Diwali Mela festival and there would be Kids corner where children would play and entertain themselves.

Mr Rajaram further said and avenue would be created to showcase India textiles, handicrafts and products.

Explaining the significance of Diwali Mela, the High Commissioner said the programme, which was like a Christmas in India, brought hope, joy and new beginning for the people of India.

“Diwali Mela marked a period of life new beginning, vitality, rejuvenation and it is the period in which most people marry in India,” the High Commissioner, said.


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