Illnesses Brings Multiple Costs per Kevin Beutler

The pandemic pushed the importance of taking better care of your health to the forefront. Those who could work from home did so to isolate themselves. Those who did not have that option had to be alert and focus on ensuring all safety and preventive measures. However, even before COVID-19 struck, Kevin always focused on his health and encouraged his team to do the same. He shares three reasons why one shouldn’t compromise on health: the financial cost of major illnesses, the impact on the workplace, and the impact on families.

“In both a personal and professional sense, a person should never compromise their health,” says Kevin. “Illnesses can lead to a multitude of problems that might have lifelong effects on a person. When it comes to the workplace, this means reduced productivity across the board. Since the sick person cannot work or can only do so in a limited capacity, their work is reallocated to others who already have full schedules. As a result, lines of communication break down when phone calls and emails go unanswered. And as for mental and emotional health, other people’s work performances might suffer due to the concern over a colleague.”

Kevin knows self-care can be pushed to the back burner in the pursuit of success. He personally went through the same and is determined to never compromise on health again. By getting enough rest, eating as well as p possible, taking breaks when necessary, and asking sick employees to take paid leaves,  Kevin has created a health standard for himself and his coworkers. For those who still neglect their health, Kevin tries to lead by example and gently remind them that pushing themselves too hard can derail their work and cause problems.

Even for the healthiest of people, burning the candle at both ends can lead to conditions like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. It is imperative to find a balance between hard work and well-being. Kevin also considers the personal impact illnesses can have on an employee and their family. He puts across a simple question for those who do not prioritize their health even today: what good is success if you cannot enjoy it?

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