Igbo king pledges support for anti-breast cancer campaign

A 23-member delegation of Breast Care International (BCI), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has paid a cour­tesy call on the Paramount King of the Igbo community in Ghana.

Led by the founder and President of BCI, Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai, the visit was to formally invite Dr Ihenetu to participate in the annual NGO’s flagship “walk against breast cancer” and solicit his patronage for the aware­ness campaign slated for October 7 in Accra.

Dr Ihenetu, in response, pledged his commitment to collaborate with BCI to bring relief and hope to afflicted patients of the ravaging breast cancer disease, adding that as a philanthropist and a campaigner against drug abuse, “I have monitored the passion of BCI to contain this debilitating disease in Ghana.”

He gave the assurance to rally behind Dr Addai’s noble campaign against breast cancer, saying that service to humanity was a shared and common responsibility imposed on all by nature.

Dr Ihenetu said the provision of ba­sic social amenities for deprived com­munities was critical to quality life, and recalled some social interventions the palace had undertaken in the Central region, including the construction of places of convenience and a vigorous public education programme against the use of illicit drugs.

The Igbo Paramount king in turn announced the upcoming Yam festival on September 17 this year at the Chil­dren’s park in Accra, and invited the BCI medical outreach unit to partici­pate and screen hundreds of women revellers that are expected to throng the annual event.

“Breast cancer is survivable and we accept your invitation to participate in the walk, convinced that the cry of pain by patients was a summons to all to bring relief. We can’t stand and stare,” he concluded.

Dr Addai, on her part, commended the Dr Ihenetu for his selflessness, generosity and the spirit of unity.

“We pledge, in all sincerity, to commit whatever assistance you offer to the good of the countless, indigent breast cancer patients spread across the country.” She added.


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