Heartiest congratulations to NDC on successful congress!!!

The Ghanaian Times congratulates the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on successfully organising its 10th National Delegates’ Congress since its inception on July 28, 1992.

Per Article 21 under Chapter 4 of the NDC Constitution, there shall be a Congress of the party to be held once every four years as the National Congress which shall be the highest decision making body of the Party.

Such a congress is very important because it has peculiar functions to perform for the survival and the unity of the party.

Once that is done at the right time, it can have the peace to prosecute all its activities towards achieving its aims and objectives, including contesting and winning national elections to take charge of the management of the country.

Therefore, the National Congress, among other functions, elects the members of the National Executive Committee.

At the weekend in Accra, the NDC fulfilled this recurrent constitutional duty.

On Saturday, delegates elected its former General Secretary, Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah,as the National Chairman, having obtained 5,574 out of 8679 votes to beat the incumbent, Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, who secured 2,892.

Affable Mr Asiedu Nketiah, affectionately known as General Mosquito, is going to be assisted by a host of other Executive Committee members, including three Vice-chairmen, among whom is a woman, Dr Sherry Ayittey; and the General Secretary.

Special congratulations to Dr Ayittey.                                                  

Now that all the dust about the congress has settled, we encourage the NDC to live up to its motto of ‘Unity, Stability and Development’.

We believe this motto does not relate to only the party but also and, more important, the whole country.

Regarding the party, we expect that all the contestants and their supporters would put behind them events in the run-up to the congress and forge the strongest of unity for the task ahead – the party’s desire to win the next elections come December 2024.

We know winning national elections is the utmost desire of all formidable political parties, so this objective should be the preoccupation of the NDC rather than focusing on unimportant and propagandist issues that may portray it as petty.

Thus, the new Executive should ensure internal cohesion that would bring together all members and supporters for the task ahead.

We would like to repeat what we said before the congress that the NDC must not think retaking power would be that easy, considering the fact that this has happened in eight-year cycles in the country.

We admonished that “Times have changed, new issues have come up, and there are new voters whose perspectives cannot be discounted.

“The dynamics are numerous and all must be considered; even the whole world is watching.”

The NDC must note that as important as political parties are in the survival of multi-party democracy, their unity and peaceful existence or otherwise affects the country correspondingly.

Therefore, it will serve the best interest of the nation if all goes well with the party for it to prosecute all its programmes in the interest of the peace and tranquillity in the country.

Once again heartiest congratulations to the NDC on a successful congress.

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