Gomoa Akotsi  Community undertake hospital project

The Chiefs and people of Gomoa Akotsi in Gomoa East District of the Central Region are building a hospital to serve their catchment area.

 The project, when completed, would bring relief to the residents after having suffered so many years of inadequate healthcare for pregnant women, children and the aged, and many other venerable citizens and settlers of the area.

The Field Supervisor of the Project, Mr C. K. Kweku, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, at Gomoa Akotsi, explained that he was awarded the contract by the chiefs and people of Akotsi who needed the facility urgently to serve their community, and their neighbours who usually travelled long distances to assess health services, especially during emergency periods.

According to Mr Kweku, they had made provision for a female ward, a male ward, doctors’ offices, corridors, porch, lobby, offices, toilets and bathrooms, among others that a modern Hospital required.

He mentioned the Chief of Gomoa Akotsi, Nana Osafo Ninsin, as the brain behind the project, and he had lived up to expectation since he and his team handed over the work to them.

He said initially, when the Akotsi Chiefs handed over the work to them to execute, the Hospital was to have just a single floor, but his team decided to instead build a two-storey building which the Chiefs and elders of Akotsi readily accepted.

When asked when the project would be completed, the field Supervisor said it was difficult to tell, but the seriousness with which the Chiefs and people of Akotsi were providing the materials for the project he was sure that they would complete the project early enough and hand it over to the Community.

Mr Kweku said the Hospital would accommodate about 100 in- patients and a sizeable out patients on daily basis, adding that provision was being made for emergency health cases as well.


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