Ghanaians urged to invest in floriculture, horticulture

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm), Ms Esther Cobbah, has reiterated the call on Ghanaians to embrace floriculture and horticulture, to boost the economy.

According to her, investment in the sector could help the country generate extra income, and address the issue of youth unemployment.

Speaking at the 2019 Ghana Garden and Flower Conference (GGFC), yesterday in Accra, Ms Cobbah indicated that the country could earn a lot of foreign exchange if much effort were geared towards planting and exportation of flowers.

Dubbed: “Changing to a sustainable circular economy-The place of floriculture”, the conference sought to project the economic, aesthetic, environmental and health benefits of floriculture and horticulture industry in the country.

Ms Cobbah regretted the fact that people blamed government for constant cedi depreciation, while the industry when supported and harnessed, could complement the government’s effort in improving the economy.

“We all have a role to play to boost the local production of flowers, if we join hands to plant our own flowers, the nation can export them. This will reduce import bill of flowers that most Ghanaians patronise,” she said.

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), Ms Cobbah observed, could only be achieved if citizens changed their attitude towards floriculture and horticulture industry.

She challenged young people to venture into the industry, starting with creating gardens in their communities.

This, Ms Cobbah believed, would curb the plastic waste menace, “which is dirtying our environment”.  

Dr Juliette Tuakli, the CEO of Family Child Associates and Juliette’s Garden, intimated that not only could flowers beautify the environment, but help address insecurity “for instance, planting thorny flowers could be a means of protection”.

She added that gardens and green plants in the environment would also help in the inhalation of good oxygen and improve global warming.

Dr Tuakli encouraged corporate entities and individuals to consider floral decorations, which were cheaper and had sweet fragrances for homes and offices.

Mr Jan Van den Berg, a Senior Expert of PUM Netherlands, a business advisory company, noted that the country had better climate, good soil and adequate water bodies to take advantage of, to enhance agriculture and attract investors for crop production.


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