Gabon announces shorter political terms

All political terms in office in Gabon will now last five years, President Ali Bongo announced on Monday.

Until now, presidents officially served seven-year terms and senators served six-year terms.

But Mr Bongo, who has led the country since his father’s death in 2009, has not made any statements regarding a new limit on the number of terms a president can serve.

In Gabon, a political consultation between the majority and the oppo­sition began yesterday, with a view to the elections – presidential ones in particular – scheduled for 2023.

In the preamble, the Head of State, Ali Bongo Ondimba, an­nounced that the future elective terms will be for a period of 5 years.

In Gabon, the opening ceremony of the political consultation convened by the country’s President, Ali Bongo, to achieve transparent and uncon­tested political elections ended on February 13, 2023.

This ceremony took place at the presidential palace. Almost all the main political leaders of the majority and the opposition were present. The ceremony was short, with only one speech: that of the Head of State.

From the outset, Ali Bongo made one big announcement: all elective terms in Gabon will henceforth be limited to 5 years. That of the Presi­dent of the Republic is for example 7 years. For senators, it is 6 years.

It is unclear whether the number of terms will be so limited. Current­ly, deputies, senators and even the President of the Republic can present themselves as many times as they wish.

For the continuation of the consul­tation, Ali Bongo asked for two lists: one of thirty members of the opposi­tion and another of thirty of the ma­jority. The two camps have February 13 and 14 to submit their lists.

The work will take place under tents, in the esplanade of the Ministry of Defence, just next to the presiden­tial palace. They will last for 10 days. —BBC/RFI

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