‘Forgive and forget, no matter the gravity of offence’

Christians have been called upon to forgive one another, no matter the gravity of the offence.

Similarly, Christians must also be compassionate just as God is and David was to Saul in the Bible.

The Priest In-Charge of St John of God Catholic Church, Amrahia- near Oyibi, Rev. Fr Bernard Kyei, who made the call said though David had the opportunity to kill Saul who wished his downfall, he pardoned the latter with the reason that he was God’s anointed servant, adding that vengeance was the Lord’s.

Preaching the homily at Amrahia on Sunday, he urged the faithful to always remember that they were humans, hence they needed to forgive those who wronged them no matter the gravity of the offence.

 “Some of you are seriously hurt and troubled, while others are offended with the least fault of your parents who toiled with their meagre salaries they earned to cater for you,” he said.

Rev. Fr Kyei said since forgiveness was divine, Christians should forget about the past, no matter how unpleasant it was, pursue the virtue of forgiveness and maintain a positive mindset.

“Despite our numerous sins, God has given us his only begotten son to reconcile the world unto himself,” he said.

He warned that as children of God, they should not be happy whenever misfortune befell those who maligned or did evil against them, but must pray that God would change the lives of such people to become vessels for the propagation of his word to the ends of the earth.

Rev. Fr Kyei assured Christians that whenever they were rewarded with evil, they should remember that God was on their side and would recompense them accordingly.

The Priest-In-Charge asked Christians to do to others what they wished to be done to them, be prayerful, tolerant, caring and refrain from being envious, self-centered and must be content with whatever they had from the Lord.


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