Eight-year-old pupil tops in New Rochelle exams

An eight-year-old pupil, Maame Akua Aseda Manukure, who joined the Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle, USA, in October last year, passed her examinations with incredible distinction, topping all students that took part in the examinations in the district.

Breaking the exciting news to Aseda’s parents, Mr Hilderbrand, the Principal of the Trinity Elementary School, was enthused about the amazing performance put up by the Ghanaian prodigy, considering the brief period spent in the school.

Maame Aseda Manukure arrived in the New Rochelle in October from Ghana and was welcomed into 3- Quinn. Within a month, she became a Mathematics and Language Arts star in the school, Mr Hilderbrand, the School Principal, said this in a letter to her parents.

Her outstanding performance in the Third Grader Exams placed her as the first Ghanaian female student to ever top all students in New Rochelle District over the past decade. She was presented with a certificate of honour by the school authorities.

 For exceeding the pass marks for seven different subjects, Maame Aseda Manukure was promoted to take part in a national Third Grader Exams where she would compete with thousands of students across the USA.

The winners of the national examination are expected to get scholarships from the government of the United States. GNA

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