Dr Phresh advocates support for northern musicians

Highlife and afrobeat musician, Dr Phresh, has called for more recognition for musicians in the Northern part of the country to promote inclusion when it comes to support given to musicians across Ghana.

He said the media especially, focused more on talents in the southern part of the nation, which he said made talents in the northern area feel sidelined.

The talented musician, who was speaking in an exclusive interview with the Ghanaian Times yesterday indicated that the perception that only musicians from the southern part of Ghana excelled must be changed, adding that there were many talented entertainers in the northern part of the country who needed to be appreciated and celebrated more.

“It saddens my heart knowing the number of beautiful talents in Northern Ghana who are not receiving the spotlight they deserve.”

“It is time to change the narrative. My brothers like Fancy Gadam, Macasio and Fadhan had to come all the way to the south to organise shows before they started getting some media attention,” he added.

Touching on the release of his latest single titled ‘Karma’, the singer, known in real life as Kutana Nazirite Wesoamo, stressed that the new track showed that musicians in the north must not be underestimated.

Throwing more light on ‘Karma’ he revealed that the new single was recorded by Kobby Beatz under the Kuntana Empire Record Label.

The fast rising singer stated that he composed Karma after observing how many people lacked respect for individuals who were struggling to make ends meet.

He said some women chased money and did not have interest in men who were not rich, adding that this was what the song Karma preached against.

The Navrongo-based musician also mentioned that the song also cautioned members of the public against living irresponsible lives and rather admonished them to focus on giving off their best wherever they found themselves.

Dr Phresh sent an advice to his fellow musicians, calling on them to focus on following latest trends in music by putting their songs on digital stores, to reach more people both locally and internationally to make more money.

He expressed gratitude to his fans for the support over the years and assured them of releasing more hit songs.

“I am grateful for the support I keep receiving from you. Keep believing in me because that will encourage me to do more.”

“I recognise the fact that I would not have been heard of anywhere if it had not been the support I receive from you always. I love you all.”

The titles of other songs  Dr Phresh has to his credit are ‘African Lady, ‘Mary’, ‘Scooter’, ‘Number One’, ‘Go Gaga’, ‘Yako Free’, ‘Kok3’, ‘I am in love with you’, ‘Gingana’, ‘Sono’, ‘Yako free’ and ‘hold you tight.’


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