Cancer Support Network Foundation undertakes awareness health walk

The Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF) over the weekend held a Cancer Awareness Walk that drew hundreds of participants.

The event, held in Accra, commenced at the Accra Girls Senior High School and meandered through principal streets in the area.

During the exercise, informative flyers were distributed to road users, ensuring that the message of cancer awareness reached beyond the immediate participants.

The event not only aimed to educate but also foster a sense of community among those affected by cancer and those supporting the cause.

An executive member of the CSNF, Ms. Raissa Sambou,  seized the opportunity to call upon the government to establish a dedicated fund for supporting cancer patients facing financial constraints in accessing treatment.

She emphasised the need for increased availability of cancer treatment in underdeveloped communities, particularly in the north of the country.

Ms Sambou urged individuals to contribute to the CSNF’s mission by providing funding, underlining the crucial role played by collective efforts in expanding the organisation’s reach.

President of the CSNF, Mr Akwasi Osei Owusu, took a moment to express gratitude to the visionary founder, Dr. Juliet Appiah Quansah, a Medical Oncologist whose determination had steered the organisation towards its noble cause.

Acknowledging Dr Quansah’s commitment to ensuring that everyone in Ghana and Africa can survive cancer, Mr. Akwasi reaffirmed the CSNF’s dedication to promoting cancer awareness and supporting financially-challenged patients.

He pledged that the foundation would persist in its efforts to contribute to a world free from the scourge of cancer.

Organiser of CSNF, Ms Ramatu Sumani, in her remarks noted that the Cancer Awareness Walk not only served as a reminder of the impact of cancer on individuals and communities but also highlighted the power of collective action in fostering change.

According to her, The CSNF’s unwavering commitment to its mission echoed the sentiments of those who believed in a future where cancer was not just treatable but preventable, ensuring a healthier and cancer-free world for all.


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