Blue Crest College students visit New Times Corp

Students from Blue Crest College in Accra visited the New Times Corporation, publishers of the Ghanaian Times and The Spectator newspapers on Tuesday to learn about newspaper production.

The visit was to afford the students the opportunity to establish a link between academic work and field practicals to prepare them for the job market.

They visited the Ghanaian Times and The Spectator newsrooms, the computer room and other departments that are involved in newspaper production.

Addressing the students, the News Editor of Ghanaian Times, Mr Matthew Ayinne Ayoo briefed the students about the history of the corporation and took them through the stages of news gathering and production process.

According to him, the corporation was established in 1958 by the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah as a media house to inform, educate and promote development of the country.

Mr Ayoo educated the students on the criteria for selecting a news story and the house style of the state owned print media which made it the most authoritative newspaper in the country.

Responding to questions on how the corporation gathers information, he explained that the corporation had correspondents in 10 regions of the country who filed stories from their respective locations about events, to the newsroom in Accra where production was done.

Mr Ayoo added that although the online media was a challenge to the newspaper industry, the ability to keep a copy of a newspaper as reference at the library was to the advantage of the newspaper industry.

He advised students to have passion for the job so they could transform their respective societies through their reportage.

The students commended the staff and management of the corporation for their commitment in ensuring peace in the country through their reportage


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