Assembly advises private developers to thoroughly search on land

The Adenta Municipal Assembly (AdMA) has advised private developers and residents to undertake thorough search on the land they intend to buy or possess, to avoid any infraction with the law.

This, the Assembly explained was the only way to eliminate land disputes, violence and deaths, which has created insecurity in some communities.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Alexander Daniel Nii Noi Adumuah, gave the advice at the first quarter Town Hall meeting of the assembly at Ashalley Botwe, on Sunday.

The communities represented at the meeting were Nmai-Djor, Little Roses, Ogbojo and Ashalley Botwe.

Drivers unions, religions groups, political parties, the physically challenged, traders associations and civil society organisations were also at the meeting.

The MCE said the Adentan community has long been demarcated before the existence of the assembly, explaining why nothing could be done to change the planned physical layout of the area.

He said that if a particular spot is not earmarked for a road it is because it has been reserved for infrastructure projects.

“Therefore,  to avoid any infraction with the law the assembly through its task force constantly  post  notices including  road  remove, stop work and produce permit, remove water way and last warning produce permit notices are issued  to warn the public to critically  examine the area they want to buy before committing themselves,” Nii Noi Adumuah stated.

He said that “every individual has a right to buy land anywhere, but it is also their responsibility to ensure that the land is not a reserved area for a particular purpose.”

 Nii Noi Adumuah explained that “the assembly does not own land, but in-charge of its usage because most part of the land from the Accra-Tema Motor-way to Adentan has been earmarked for dual-carriage way, and the rest are water collection points, so any building at such location would be pulled down.”

He said private developers  “should to do proper search before submitting documents, for building permit to be issued before commencement of work and after completion of project, a certificate of habitation is to be issued after which payment of property rate begins.”.

Nii Noi Adumuah said the assembly was first under Tema, “but the time it gained municipality status, most of the houses had been built and the greater part of such properties are in water ways and areas earmarked for roads, which can one day be pulled down.”

He assured the people that roads in the municipality would be gradually rehabilitated as out of the 840 kilometres of roads in the area, only 150 kilometres have been repaired, leaving a deficit of about 700 kilometres.


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