Ashanti RCC to descend on MMDAs over punctuality to work, politics

The Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council is to crack the whip to ensure Administrators of the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies, live up to expectation to improve local government service.

According to the Regional Coordinating Director, Emelia Botchway, many of the Administrators were not punctual to work and have also aligned themselves with politicians or political parties which should not be the case.

“We are not saying you should not work with politicians, but you have to be neutral, be professional as you discharge your duty devoid of partisanship”.

Ms Botchway, speaking at the maiden Ashanti Regional chapter of the Ghana Association of Local Government Service Administrative Officers (GALGA), cautioned that the Regional Coordinating Council would be stern to ensure Administrators reposition themselves to be more relevant in the midst of the current reforms in the local government service. 

Speaking under the theme, “Managing the constantly evolving political environment, the strategic role of the administrative officer”, Ms Botchway urged them to change attitudes towards work stressing that the call on government to “fix the country cuts both ways, as we also should be punctual to work and deliver assignments on time”.

Obuasi Municipal Coordinating Director, Dwira Darko, who chaired the function, observed that over the years, the local government service had been evolving with the priorities of government also changing.

And that, the changes required that Administrative Officers should keep up to the task to deliver quality service to the public as envisioned by the local government service.

“To support the government across multiple, fast moving policy and implementation challenges, the Administrative Class needs to evolve. Nothing new about that”, he emphasised. 

He told them to have a step-change on service delivery to ensure services were delivered seamlessly and efficiently when and where they were needed. 

“I challenge you as Administrative Officers to find alternative ways to suggest to the service regulators, to enact simpler, more human and less bureaucratic process of engagements”, he intimated.

Mr Thomas Kwame Okrah, GALGA Chairman, Ashanti Region, mentioned challenges of non-functionality of the administrative unit,   non-operationalisation of the department of central administration, lack of training workshops for administrative officers as still issues militating against the progress of the Administrative Class. 

He described as unfair the opening up of the position of Coordinating Director for all other classes within the service without recognising the differences in the recruitment regime/processes for the Administrative classes and the other casses, as one of the issues that should be addressed.

“This apparent injustice has come to stay for now, and it is, therefore, imperative for us, Administrative Officers, to device appropriate strategies to remain relevant in the midst of these unfair reforms”, he intoned. 

He challenged colleagues to individually and collectively work assiduously to ensure that the “Administrative Class regains its enviable position within the service”.


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